Friends of Burtle

Recent updates from the Friends of Burtle

Last meeting held on the 10th August

Friends of Burtle (Fob)

The Friends of Burtle committee or ‘Fob’ for short was formed in 2013 with a goal of securing a pub in Burtle. This page will detail the current position of the committee, a history of the committee’s efforts and the results of the recent village questionnaire. As plans progress this page will be kept updated with the latest news.

A short summary of the Burtle pub options to date

The Tom Mogg

  • May open as a pub by present owner
  • Not likely to have much community involvement

žThe Burtle Inn

  • Could open as a pub with development
  • Would include a level of development (3 additional houses).
  • Currently would only happen if the community supported it.
  • The community would work in conjunction with the current owner

žThe Old School

  • Possibly available to purchase dependant on price
  • Grants may be available to help
  • Would have community ownership

FoBs next actions

  • žIdentify the financial feasibility of the Old School
  • Obtain a selling price for the Old School
  • Understand development costs of the buildings
  • Identify what grants are available and build a funding plan
  • Create a formal business plan to purchase the Old School
  • žKeep the option of the Burtle Inn on the back burner
  • žIf requested keep the option of the Tom Mogg on the back burner.

The benefits of the Old School as the next Burtle Pub

žThe Old School is located within the hub of the village supporting both the Church and the Village Hall žThe village will have some control over this important asset. žIt would ensure that this historic feature within our village is kept for ever within our domain žThere is sufficient space to create:

  • A pub serving food
  • A skittle alley
  • A café area
  • Parking
  • Craft Area
  • Possible recreation area

The history of FoB and the Burtle Pub Quest

2013 / 2014 – The Burtle Inn

  • žThe Burtle Inn the final pub open in the village closed
  • žThe Burtle Inn was advertised for sale
  • ž A Community Asset Order was granted on the Burtle Inn.
  • žAfter a Parish Meeting a Committee calling itself “Friends Of Burtle Inn” was formed to try and purchase the pub.
  • žFeasibility studies and grant information researched.
  • žBlind formal offers were submitted for the Burtle Inn and rejected
  • žRequest made for survey to enable a further offer, this was rejected.
  • žThe Owner withdrew the pub from the open market.

February 2015 – The Tom Mogg

  • žThe owner of the Tom Mogg requested a Parish Meeting,
  • žHe offered to give the Lounge Bar and side Restaurant to the village rent free for 5 yrs.
  • žA committee was reformed and became “Friends of Burtle” (FOB).
  • žThe proposal was considered for practical feasibility and Heads of Terms produced by FOB for negotiation

May 2015 – The Tom Mogg

  • žFriends of Burtle met with Mark Lewis the owner of Tom Mogg to discuss and negotiate the Heads of Terms
  • žThe Owner was not prepared to negotiate, and withdrew the offer to the village
  • žHe suggested that he would look at the opportunity of running the pub himself
  • žHe suggested that he would put in a planning application as he previously had to convert the bulk of the building to accommodation.

May 2015 – The Burtle Inn

  • žThe Parish Council was approached to hear a proposal from an agent of the Burtle Inn
  • žThe Agent discussed plans to demolish the existing Burtle Inn and replace with 3 houses
  • žHe offered to build a small pub in the car park to the side of the existing pub.
  • žThe meeting were not generally in favour
  • žHe has requested that a survey is sent around the village to gain some support
  • žThe survey is available on the notice board

June 2015 – The School

  • žShapwick Prep school announced that it was closing.
  • žFriends of Burtle enquired to see if the Old Burtle School Room, the Porta- Cabins, Tarmac area and the Sports field could be purchased by the community.
  • žThe school have suggested that they are interested in selling and recognise some positive benefits of a community project and possible relationship.

Friends of Burtle Committee

  • Chairman – Russ Myers
  • Vice Chair – Richard Dallimore
  • Secretary – Lorraine Simmonds
  • Treasurer – Ian Simmonds
  • Committee Members – Jenny Jones, Julian Porter, James Hedges, Shelly Pople.

Results of the Village Questionnaire

  • A very good response was received with around a 50%  response level
  • The Old School was the most popular venue followed by the Burtle Inn
  • The majority who responded suggested that they would use it more than once a week
  • The majority of people would like food as well as a bar
  • Skittles was seen as an important facility
  • A cafe was seen as important
  • A community shop was seen as important
  • A craft workshop was viewed as a good idea
  • There was some support for a share/buy type of purchase scheme