Parish Council – Footpaths

The footpaths in Burtle are a small part of the County’s network of nearly 4000 miles as recorded in the 1950s.

Originally, in the absence of tarmac roads, they were created as walking ways to work, church, school or the next village. For example, BW14/22 gave access to what were the village allotments.

Nowadays the paths have an increasingly important leisure role, and the Parish Council organises a number of walks each year as social events.

Most of the marked paths are open and accessible. None is particularly long or arduous, and all offer excellent wildlife watching opportunities. Walkers may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a hare, weasel or watervole. In winter the resident birds are joined by flocks of starling on their way to roost in the reserves at Ham Wall or Shapwick, and sometimes by significant numbers of lapwing.

Please observe the country code when you walk, and take particular care if your dog is with you.

Footpaths on red dotted lines.

Your Parish Councillors

  • Richard Dallimore, Chair - 01278 723424
  • Tony Duval, Vice Chair - 01278 722441
  • Julian Porter - 01278 722819
  • Sandra Bull - 01278 723478
  • Maureen Perdue, Clerk - 01278 722395


  • Your District Councillor is Stuart Kingham
  • Your County Councillor is David Huxtable


We welcome you to our meetings.

Our meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at the Village Hall and start at 7.30pm.

We welcome everyone to attend. You can come along and listen to the discussions about our village. You are also welcome to come along and raise any concerns that you have or opportunities that you believe will enhance our community.