Parish Council

Burtle Parish Council

Burtle Parish Council is  made up from 5 elected  and if necessary  co-opted volunteers  as well as a clerk who give up their own time in order to support and improve our Village life.

We are committed to enhancing our village for all members of our community within the boundaries of our responsibility.

We always welcome feedback and comments on all matters within our village please feel free to talk with any of our councillors.

The Parish Council has adopted the model code of conduct whereby we agree to act in certain ways to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest in our actions as individuals .

We have agreed to the publication of our registered interests to ensure openness in what we do and we work within the ‘Nolan Principles’ upon which public service is founded; selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

The Parish Council  is part of Sedgemoor District Council  and Somerset County Council

Current Focus

  • Dealing with Drainage issues within the village
  • Provide knowledge and information with regards to where our footpaths are
  • Improvements to Station road include the re-establishment of pull in place
  • The maintenance of the verges and hedges
  • Further improvements to the Sandpit
  • Continued pressure to improve the highways in the village

Your Parish Councillors

  • Colin Pople, Chair - 01278 723415
  • Tony Duval, Vice Chair - 01278 722441
  • Julian Porter - 01278 722819
  • Richard Dallimore- 01278 723424
  • Sandra Bull - 01278 723478
  • Maureen Perdue, Clerk - 01278 722395
  • Your District Councillor is Stuart Kingham
  • Your County Councillor is David Huxtable


We welcome you to our meetings.

Our meetings are normally held the first Wednesday of each month at the Village Hall and start at 7.30pm.

We welcome everyone to attend. You can come along and listen to the discussions about our village. You are also welcome to come along and raise any concerns that you have or opportunities that you believe will enhance our community.

Some of the things we do for you

  • We act as a consultee to all Planning Applications
  • We report all District Council Issues  for example highways and try to obtain satisfactory repairs
  • Liaise on drainage issues
  • Liaise on Speed awareness
  • Maintain the Sandpit, the Bus shelter and Notice Boards within the village
  • Manage the verges and hedges on some of the roads in the village
  • Report any breaches in usage to the relevant authorities
  • Support all village groups to achieve community objectives
  • Provide awareness and report defects and accessibility issues with Footpaths

Achievements in recent years include:

  • The New Web Site
  • Providing a defribullator situated outside the village hall.
  • Providing free first aid courses to anyone who attended.
  • Refurbishment of the Bus Shelter
  • The erection of 2 further notice boards. There are 3 now around the village to promote local activities whilst keeping the village tidy.
  • The annual spring clean
  • The creation and maintenance of the Sandpit
  • The Winter Gritting Programme
  • Salt Bins within the village
  • The Hedges and Verges Programme
  • The extension of the war memorial

We have also in the past support the Village Hall Rebuild and the Restoration of the Church