Harvest Home

2016 Tickets

Tickets will go on sale in the Spring.

Lunch – Tickets £20.00 per adult, priority will be given to village residents but non-residents may put their names down for any spare tickets

Evening – Tickets £7.50/adult (£10.00 on the day), children under 18 £3.00.

Discounted ‘Early Bird’ tickets will be available from April


A creche for children will be available during the lunch, £10.00 per child

Live entertainment in the evening

This year’s live entertainment will be provided by Snappa.  This local band is very popular in the area with a strong following.  Having engaged this group for past events in the village we just know you will love them.

Disco – Bar – Pig Roast

The event will be held at the Burtle Village Hall and on the adjoining field.  Please note the marquee and hall will be non-smoking

Harvest Home

Burtle Harvest Home now has its own dedicated web site, www.burtleharvesthome.co.uk

Burtle’s Harvest Home had sadly stopped many years ago, but as a one off it was decided to resurrect the event to as part of the millennium celebrations. A committee was formed and the event took place on the first weekend of August. It was a whole day event with the proceedings starting at midday and finishing around 1.00am. It was a very enjoyable day and the committee agreed to put on further functions and now the Burtle Harvest Home is held every 4 years in line with the Olympics. The London Oylmpics were held at the same time as the Burtle Harvest Home, we still wonder how the Olympics had so much attention, did the world not know. The Harvest Home whilst keeping many of the traditional features was designed to be more fitting for today’s world . The event was held over a weekend recognising that many of the villagers wouldn’t be able to take time off work. Traditionally cider and beer along with juice was served at the table but a decision was made to serve wine as well . The event was always designed to be an event for the village and tickets were sold to the villagers first and only when everyone had what they wanted were they put on general sale. These features and values are still held to this day and the blend of the traditional Harvest Home and the new values which supplement it make the Burtle Harvest Home a very special event.

Next Harvest Home – Saturday 6th August 2016


Chairman Steve Allen
T: 01278 723492
E: sga@databydesign.co.uk

  • Treasurer - Charlotte Shakespeare
  • Secretary - Jenny Jones
  • Catering - Heather Lee
  • Committee member - James Cox
  • Committee Member - Lisa Porter
  • Committee Member - Sue Ball
  • Committee Member - Chris Mockridge
  • Sponsorship - TBA